Board President


Tyler has been a Project Coordinator at Kodiak Area Native Association since 2014. He has extensive General Management experience, including: operations, budgeting, logistics, communication, sales, and marketing.


He is interested in environmental projects and improving the food access in the entire Kodiak region.

Board of Directors

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors


  • Uphold the mission of Kodiak Harvest Cooperative

    • Be a Co-op member

    • Represent and communicate the co-op mission within the community

    • Guide store development and strategic policies based on mission and member desires


  • Terms of Board Service

    • Board will consist of 9 members, each position will serve a 3 year term

    • Founding board will consist of staggered terms of 1, 2, 3 year service to ensure continuity

    • Board members will serve on at least one and no more than 2 subcommittees based on personal interest and committee need


  • Meeting Attendance

    • Attend 90-minute monthly meetings

    • Attend no less than 10 of 12 monthly meetings per year

    • Dedicate additional hours of service to subcommittees based on changing needs/projects

    • Attend relevant board trainings and development events

    • Attend the annual membership event


  • Cooperative Business Development

    • Hire and evaluate store manager/general manager of Co-op

    • Review monthly financial reports and approve annual budget

    • Review/approve Co-op vendor contracts


  • Communication and Outreach

    • Provide link between Co-op members and the board and support community outreach

    • Engage with the community of Kodiak around ways the Co-op might support healthy living throughout the Island

    • Inform community of Kodiak about Co-op membership, events, community support

    • Be familiar with national Cooperative principles and challenges

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