Board of Directors

Tyler has been a Project Coordinator at Kodiak Area Native Association since 2014. He has extensive General Management experience, including: operations, budgeting, logistics, communication, sales, and marketing.


He is interested in environmental projects and improving the food access in the entire Kodiak region.

Kelly works for Alaska Department of Fish and Game and Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak. Accessibility to fresh, local goods is very important to her.


She sees Kodiak Harvest as a way to create sustainability on the island; helping build relationships between producers and community members.

Siene is a social entrepreneur with a focus on empowering people to take ownership of their health and happiness through education.  

Siene currently serves as the Community Health Director for the Kodiak Area Native Association, and believes that access to healthy food is one key component of a healthy community. She supports the co-op's role in transforming the food landscape in Kodiak to support local agriculture and economic development.  

Emily moved to Kodiak in summer of 2018 to practice at the Kodiak Veterinary Clinic after spending 6 years in Denali National Park as a ranger then earning her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a certificate in Global Animal Health.


She is also an affiliate with the National Institute of Food and Agriculture to help promote food safety and security in Kodiak. 

emily iacobucci, secretary

siene allen, treasurer

kelly krueger, vice president

tyler kornelis, board president

nathan weber, member

Nathan is the Research and Monitoring Manager for Kodiak Regional Aquaculture Association working collaboratively with other NGOs and government agencies to promote the salmon resource of Kodiak waters. 


He is interested in supporting locally sourced, environmentally-friendly products to enrich the lives of our great community.

melissa berns, member

Melissa is a strong supporter of the co-op and has advocated for its development in the community of Old Harbor.  


She has volunteered her time locally in Old Harbor, and served on boards at the regional, state and federal level to promote the health and prosperity of our community.  

sarah culbertson, member

Sarah Culbertson is the owner of The Frame Shop, Kodiak's custom frame shop and gallery, a member of the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce and a wife and mother.  She has intimate knowledge of the challenges businesses and families face living in our remote community.


One of the important issues she believes the Kodiak Harvest can address locally, is food security.  She knows bringing local producers and fishermen together and giving them a space to sell their products to the community is a service that we all can benefit from.

shana theobald, member

Food security is a fundamental human need, and true food security does not come from the grocery store or Amazon or from foreign lands; it does not depend on the government, the economy, or outside forces to provide for us. It is the ancient practice of planting, growing, harvesting and storing our own food.


True food security comes from knowing how to save seeds for future generations’ planting, of knowing how to grow resilient crops that resist drought and diseases, and learning how to use our own natural resources. It is sharing with each other and working together in our community, because we are stronger together.

madelyn pearman, member

Madelyn was born and raised in Kodiak. She is an advocate for locally-sourced food and sustainability within our communities.


She believes in doing all we can to ensure there are healthy options for our community as well as supporting local harvesters. 

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors


  • Uphold the mission of Kodiak Harvest Cooperative

    • Be a Co-op member

    • Represent and communicate the co-op mission within the community

    • Guide store development and strategic policies based on mission and member desires


  • Terms of Board Service

    • Board will consist of 9 members, each position will serve a 3 year term

    • Founding board will consist of staggered terms of 1, 2, 3 year service to ensure continuity

    • Board members will serve on at least one and no more than 2 subcommittees based on personal interest and committee need


  • Meeting Attendance

    • Attend 90-minute monthly meetings

    • Attend no less than 10 of 12 monthly meetings per year

    • Dedicate additional hours of service to subcommittees based on changing needs/projects

    • Attend relevant board trainings and development events

    • Attend the annual membership event


  • Cooperative Business Development

    • Hire and evaluate store manager/general manager of Co-op

    • Review monthly financial reports and approve annual budget

    • Review/approve Co-op vendor contracts


  • Communication and Outreach

    • Provide link between Co-op members and the board and support community outreach

    • Engage with the community of Kodiak around ways the Co-op might support healthy living throughout the Island

    • Inform community of Kodiak about Co-op membership, events, community support

    • Be familiar with national Cooperative principles and challenges

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