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Kodiak Harvest Hosts Stuart Reid

This past weekend, our Board of Directors hosted Stuart Reid, Executive Director of the Food Coop Initiative (FCI) to provide us with an evaluation of our progress to date and provide some additional training to help us continue moving the project toward completion. The FCI specializes in assisting startup Co-ops like ours and Stuart has been involved with Kodiak Harvest since fall 2016. This was his second trip to Kodiak.

On Saturday, September 9, the Board convened for a full-day training with Stuart to focus on Capital Campaign development from start to finish. The number one element he stressed was having the right people on the Capital Campaign committee, including volunteers. Watch for opportunities to participate with us coming in the near future.

The weekend was focused mainly on developing our Capital Campaign, but the Board also combed through our financial feasibility and market studies. Stuart met with each subcommittee to discuss their role in the Campaign and answer any questions they had.

Overall, Stuart says we’re on the right track and that our member recruitment rate has been exceptional. Keep up the great work, Kodiak!

Our next Board of Directors meeting will be September 27 at 5:30pm at KANA on Near Island. We’ll be updating our development timeline and assigning tasks, as well as determining the roles of volunteers and our policies.

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