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Fresh Organic Vegetables


Fresh Salmon


Kodiak Producers: Helping our island stay Food-Secure

Meet The Team



Kodiak Goat Dairy, Heritage Farm

Kodiak is so lucky to have the only Grade A certified goat diary in Alaska! They produce a variety of dairy products, as well as eggs.

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Uganik Bay

Soulmate Salmon is comprised of partners Adelia Myrick and Tollef Monson who make delicious smoked salmon jerky & canned salmon.


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Old Harbor

Sitkalidak Farm provides fresh produce for the village of Old Harbor, where youth and adults get to work together to grow. 

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Individual grower

Jill Wittenbrader

Jill grew delightful produce for the community market all summer long. 

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Kodiak Island

Kodiak Tea Company

Kodiak Tea Company produces a variety of loose-leaf tea blends. 

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Siene and Gideon grow hydroponic greens, herbs, and mirogreens in a container system so Kodiak can enjoy fresh greens all year round.

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Ivanoff Seafoods provides a variety of frozen seafood products throughout the year, including sockeye, coho, and halibut.

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Truitt's Jams

Delicious, Kodiak artisan-made jams, from locally-harvested salmonberries, fireweed, blueberries, strawberry, rhubarb, they are popular gifts!



    Kodiak Middle School Agriculture

    Kodiak Middle School teacher, Mrs. Johnson works with youth to grow in hoop houses and hydroponics systems. All sales go directly back into the program.

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    Individual farm

    Tom Schwantes Carrots

    Some of the prettiest carrots you will ever find, and the tastiest too! It was a joy to get to sell these to our community, who raved about them!


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    JOin Us as a Producer!

    Interested in selling your produce through Kodiak Harvest? Email us at

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