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Fruits and Vegetables
We are hiring for a part time position of Sales Coordinator and a full time Project Manager!
To inquire about future employment or intern opportunities, email us at


Ideal teammates are energetic, forward-thinking and creative individuals who share our values.

Solid business acumen, a strong results orientation and excellent people skills are a must, as is an ability to work enthusiastically in an evolving environment and be flexible with changes and growth. Knowing and loving our Kodiak Community is an added benefit.

Successful teammates have the capacity to think strategically, problem solve and have a passion to be part of Kodiak's sustainable food futures.


Kodiak Harvest Food Cooperative is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

Click here for the Project Manager position description

Click here for the Produce Box Coordinator position


Our Mission: Provide Kodiak communities with quality food choices that are locally sourced, economically sustainable, environmentally responsible, while promoting education and engagement


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