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Project Manager Position

Job Description

Kodiak Harvest Food Cooperative

Job Description -- Project Director



To meet the goals and objectives set by the Board of Directors and Committees of Kodiak Harvest Food Cooperative (KHFC). The Project Director reports to the KHFC Board of Directors until the General Manager is hired and has the responsibility of planning and managing the co-op development process and seeing that it is completed successfully. This person needs excellent management skills to coordinate with the Board of Directors, Committees and with the co-op members, stakeholders, and community.


Reporting Relationships

The Project Director reports to the Board of Directors. This person will supervise volunteers as needed. This position works in a team approach with the Board of Directors, a volunteer network, and other community stakeholders. This position supervises the market front staff.


Position Status 

Part time, approximately 20-30 hours per week. Compensation is $30/hour.


Preferred Skills/Abilities/Attributes

     Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or relevant experience

     Marketing experience

     Project and/or grant management experience

     Knowledge of Cooperative business model


     Key Competencies and Skills

Two of the most important skills for project management are planning and organizational development skills. Along with these, the Project Director should have a variety of other competencies, such as:

  • Good communication (verbal and written)

  • Excellent interpersonal skills

  • Developmental skills

  • Leadership qualities

  • Efficient team management skills

  • Ability to resolve conflicting situations

  • Effective problem-solving skills

  • Computer/technical knowledge

  • Basic financial management understanding/skills

  • Demonstrated ability to:

    • Motivate and lead others

    • Build an effective management team/board/task force

    • Manage own and others’ time effectively o Handle multiple demands

    • Give and receive feedback


Primary Duties/Responsibilities of Project Director

  • The KHFC Project Director needs to be able to manage more than one project at a time, and make sure that multiple objectives are being met on the same timeline.

  • Ensure Profitable Operations

  • Search and apply for funding opportunities; oversee, track and manage opportunities.

  • The Project Director is responsible to be aware of every component of the co-op development project--including financial development, internal readiness/board capacity building, managing staff, membership and member loan campaigns, marketing and communications, finance and facilities development, and community and farmer outreach.

  • The Project Director works with the board to plan out the resources needed for the co-op development project, and help maintain the organizational budget and review the pro-forma until the General Manager takes over this duty.  

  • The Project Director develops/maintains relationships and communication with Cooperative Development specialists, Board members, working group members, co-op member-owners, and the community of potential stakeholders and partners, acting as a link between all parties.

  • The Project Director needs to prepare and present project reports on a regular (at least monthly) basis to the Board of Directors.

  • Identify new local, Alaska grown, Alaska made producers, vendors and products to stock our store with. While also maintaining a good relationship with existing market vendors.



  • Coordinate long-range planning process with the Board of Directors.

  • Communicate and meet with KHFC’s direct partners, consultants, and Alaska cooperatives regularly.

  • Create and implement SOP’s for day-to-day Market operations

    • Invoicing

    • Inventory

    • Loss (waste)

    • Open and Closing

      • *And other SOP’s that Board may identify



  • Work with Board on planning and raising needed funds for the success of the project, including pay for Project Director and supporting staff.

  • In consultation with the treasurer, select, secure, and coordinate all legal, accounting, banking, consulting, and other professional services that are deemed necessary for the protection/promotion of the KHFC. Communications

  • Act as liaison between the KHFC Board and member-owners/community.

  • Answers Co-op phone and responds to messages in a timely fashion.

  • Delegate communications to hourly staff when appropriate.

  • Check Co-op email regularly and respond to emails in a timely fashion.

Marketing, Membership & Volunteer Management

  • Work with the social media/Marketing person and CORE Committee to coordinate marketing efforts.

  • Make presentations to the community to recruit members and volunteers, including doing radio/TV appearances, tabling, and presenting regularly to civic groups, etc.

  • Keep members/Board/working groups informed about Co-op affairs, encourage member participation in the Co-op, and see that member complaints and suggestions are given consideration.

Last updated: January 21, 2023

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