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Next Board Meeting

Tues,Thurs 1/19 @ 6-7p
1420 Selig St. ALL are welcome!

Calendar of events

Helping Hands

Community Outreach, Resiliency & Education (CORE) Subcommittee Meeting

Mon 2/6 6:00-7:30p
1420 Selig St
Hydroponic Vegetable Farm

Agriculture Subcommittee

Tuesday,Jan 24th 6-7p

The Chef's Knife: A class on sharpening and maintaining the cook's most important tool. 


Chopping Vegetables
Spring Onions for Garnish

January 28th at the Co-0p  3-4:30pm

Member-owners and visitors Are Invited to come!


Fresh Veggies

AG Producer Subcommittee Mtg

Mon, 12/6-7p 1420 Selig St



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